Webadmin Services

Many businesses do not have the time or personnel to manage and maintain their website's technology and infrastructure, and as a result their sites atrophy or get hacked.

While content management systems (CMS) make it simple to update or add new content to websites these days, modern websites also need regular attention if they are to stay relevant and protect vital data. Busineses that employ magserv.net as webadmins get access to our considerable expertise. When we manage and maintain a website real humans work to optimize the site so that it is fast and efficient, to ensure site security, to perform regular backups, and to run site analytics. With Webadmin Services you still ‘own’ your site, but you contract with us to guarantee that the site is optimized, security holes are addressed, maintenance is performed regularly, problems are dealt with promptly, and the site doesn’t experience unnecessary down time.

For a fixed monthly fee Maghreb Services Webadmin Services includes…

  • Regular backups
  • Training and guidance on using your CMS
  • SEO analysis & upgrading
  • Application updates and post update testing
  • Third party software/extension updates and post update testing
  • Performance optimization to ensure site loads as fast as possible
  • Management of site analytics account
  • Training and guidance on using site analytics
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Site design modifications